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for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Picture Slideshow Carousel

Keep Close Pictures allows you to remotely display pictures in a slideshow on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You may authorise as many devices as you like and they will see the same pictures.

Upload Pictures Remotely

You can upload pictures from anywhere that you have internet access using the app or a browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Within minutes of uploading the pictures will appear on all authorised devices as long as they have internet access.

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Text Annotation

So that the picture means more to the viewer you can annotate each picture with a title and short description that appears at the bottom of the picture automatically. You can add this when you upload the picture.

Pictures Automatically Adjusted

When you upload pictures they are automatically adjusted to display correctly on an iPad screen in landscape orientation, pictures will also show correctly on other IOS devices with automatic borders

Multiple Accounts

You can create multiple Keep Close Pictures accounts for free allowing you to have different slideshows for different devices

Free to Download and Use

Keep Close Pictures is totally free and works on all IOS devices running IOS 9 or later.